Why Dispensary Owners MUST HAVE A Sales Funnel & Why They Are So Important


Why Dispensary Owners MUST HAVE A Sales Funnel & Why They Are So Important.

What is a sales funnel? And how many different kinds of sales funnels are out there?

A sales funnel is how you find your ideal customers and generate a massive list for your business.

Imagine a stranger coming up to you and saying “Take this discount”. Most likely you are not going to take it because you don’t know who it’s from, or what it’s for. The more appropriate way to get a potential customer is by explaining the WHY.

You must explain what makes your dispensary unique from anything else out there.

When a customer gets deeper into your sales funnel the harder it is to click out.

The gold of any business is their list of leads.

You must capture a prospect's name, email, phone number, birthday, zip code, etc, to turn them into future return customers.

Let’s be real, the cannabis industry is becoming saturated with competition. Having a “strong hook” is very important to get a cannabis consumers attention nowadays. This “strong hook” is what brings people to the top of the sales funnel.

Now you can identify your viewers, clickers, and the customers that perform an action. The people that perform an action are your ideal customers because these are the ones that are going to reach for their wallets 7-18x per year. These customers are the dispensaries army for trust, approval, and loyalty.

So needless to say, you MUST have a sales funnel that filters your customers from viewers, to clickers, to ones that take action, and remark them to scale.

Now let’s get into the different kinds of sales funnels you should create for your business.

There are:

VSLs - Video Sales Letters

A short or long video introducing yourself and the dispensary explaining the benefits of shopping with you, and what to expect. This converts very well when driving traffic because humans love visuals and like to identify with a community.

Editorial Post / Blog Post

Like the one you are reading now. This is the first layer of piquing your interest. If you made it this far I am 50% of the way to making you give me a call for help. The idea is that the more a customer reads and spends time getting to know you, the more likely they will perform an action. That’s why you have seen sales pages on the internet be never-ending descriptions of a product.

Informative Sales Funnels

Information and education sells. If you can talk to the pain points of a customer and tell them how you can offer a solution they are hooked immediately. Most dispensaries do not educate or even ask what problems they are trying to solve. Some customers want to sleep better, some have chronic pain, and others are dealing with PTSD or a disease. When you ask questions and make customers feel welcome and feel like they are in good hands, they will be your customers for life.

Fun fact: Coca-Cola focuses all their energy on those who drink coke 3-4 times a day. They don’t care about the once-a-week consumer because they know how valuable their top customers are. These customers are what give Coca-Cola a ridiculous LTV and customer order frequency.

This is how companies can justify spending hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising to get you to buy a 12-pack.

This is exactly why it is so important to segment your customer list and have proper tracking. You must know your customers real value to justify marketing spend.

Internet marketers look at the data and compare the performance to get the lowest cost per conversion to aggressively scale. Here is a picture of a sales funnel and a visual of what this can look like for you.

If you would like to schedule a discovery call to discuss getting thousands of leads a month, make sure to schedule a call with me here.

In 2 weeks time, you can have a abundant sales funnel for your dispensary to start scaling with organic metrics and data.

Your date will make you more valuable as a company, and you’ll be able to beat out any new or existing competitor.

I hope this article gave you some “aha” moments to get you thinking of scale and growth for your dispensary business.

If you would like to learn more, here is my calendar link once again to schedule a discovery call.

Thank you for making it this far. And you can pay it forward by sharing this article with anyone that is in need of a sales funnel for their business.

About Cameron Tennant:

Owner of Dispensary Traffic, Cameron has been an internet marketer for over 8 years. He first started with e-commerce on Shopify dropshipping products from China all around the world.

He learned the sociology of customer experience, follow-up, and customer service to drive sales today and not tomorrow.

Then he moved to lead generation because margins started to get tight with long shipping times.

With lead generation, he excelled and became a top internet marketer for high-growth affiliate networks. He won affiliate marketer of the month in 2021 by spending 25k a day on Facebook and other traffic sources scaling clinical trial ads.

Cameron’s main focus now is helping Dispensaries scale with unique strategies and putting systems in place to spend money on marketing at ease. He says, “nowadays spending money on advertising is fun because you know exactly what you’re going to get back with the right tracking and monitoring in place.”

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